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This years Filmfare awards hogged the limelight for the fashion trends of the celebs. Sonam Kapoor was spotted in an elegant royal blue gown designed by Anushka Khanna and Deepika Padukone glittered at the red carpet in a stylish golden gown. The diva Madhuri Dixit looked stunning as usual in a Manish Malhotra sari. Priyanka Chopra, the brand ambassador for Guess sunglasses, chose a strapless black Alexander McQueen gown, that had her fans swooning with adulation. Priyanka Chopra later switched over to black and white polka-dot ASOS pants pairing up with black and white crop-top by Kocsh for the press meet. But, didnt her eyeglasses look absurd at the press meet? Priyanka Chopra wasnt the only one spotted with bizarre eyeglasses in Filmfare awards. Ranvir Singh didnt quite look appealing too with his eyeglasses. The bizarre look In Indian film fraternitys biggest award ceremony, where Bollywood turned out in its mostly stylish best, Priyanka and ray ban sunglasses sale uk Ranveer ...
Out of the six import ray ban black aviator ant senses of the human body, Sight is our most precious sense. In fact a large part of our ability to perceive the world around us depends on it. Our eyes are very delicate organs and can be damaged easily, owing to varied reasons. Even though nature has done an excellent job of providing them built-in protection by locating them within a bony cavity and providing eyelashes to keep out dust and tears to wash dirt away. But, caring for your eyes and keeping them safe requires a lot of effort. It is keeping these factors in mind that these days lots of people have started investing in a good pair of safety sunglasses to help shield their eyes against, harsh sunlight, dust, splashes and other e black ray ban sunglasses lements present in the air. Safety Sunglasses Blending style and safety together The days of bulky and ugly safety sunglasses are long gone. With the advent of the technology and a revolution ushered with changing trends, safet...
Ever imagined why the stars always prefer to don a pair of smart glasses even aviator ray ban when they choose to ditch their makeup. It is because of the fact that a smart pair of sunglasses can instantly perk up your glam quotient, making you look uber cool and chic. No matter whats the season or where you live, a pair of right sunglasses is one accessory that is required almost every day. Though Sports or casual sunglasses add a sense of style to a simple outfit, a pair of slightly formal ones can enhance your look from ordinary to extra-ordinary by manifold. Knowing you coolest friend Conventionally, Fastrack sunglasses have been associated with sportspersons and adventure enthusiasts. They have gained popularity owing to the lightweight and special lenses that helps getting a better vision especially during the outdoor activities. In fact one of the main USPs of Fastrack sunglasses for being the most popular shades are the strong frames and scratch-free lenses, which makes them ...
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